Technical Strength

The company insists on the concept of “Powering the Future with Innovations”. At the very beginning of its establishment, the company was awarded to be “Shanghai High And New Technology Enterprise” for its outstanding performance in technical development. The company has professional teams in material development, sand casting, heat-resistance stainless steel, machining for high temperature alloy, heat treatment, mechanical and electrical equipment development, automatic integration and other relevant fields. We have strong technical strength and advantages in the aspect of cooperating with customers to develop auto parts, and we put lots of funds continuously on research and development. With a focus on the systematic innovations of technology and equipment as well as the development of new materials, we aim to achieve high-level performance and serve the society with it, so as to bring value to customers.

Processing Technology Environment

The configuration specification for processing layout in the company is very strict, and the core equipments in the company come from the internationally leading brands in the industry, which is a guarantee for building sufficient processing ability. The processing environment gives full considerations to the requirements of modern logistics and management and pursues excellent production value flow and high-efficient scientific layout. Each processing link is designed by professionals carefully and improved by all personnel on the site continuously, in order to help us achieve the best processing links.

Product Details

The main production technology include advanced sand casting, precision casting and vacuum casting, and the materials used include middle silicon molybdenum nodular iron, high nickel cast iron, heat-resistance stainless steel, high temperature alloy, etc. The company has the ability of turning, grinding, CNC processing, laser welding, vacuum electron beam welding (EB welding) and assembly of heat-resistance stainless steel, high temperature alloy and other parts. Our clients include a number of well-known automobile companies in the world, like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ford, Volvo, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen and GM, etc..

Products of Sinotec

Sinotec is mainly engaged in the production and development of key turbocharger parts, with processes covering precision casting, sand casting, machining, welding and assembly of heat-resistant stainless steel and high-temperature alloy parts. Customers cover a number of automotive OEMs in the world.

Business Idea

A Warm Home of Staff, First Choice of Customers and Committed to Environmental Improvement

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